Rainbow Fingerprint

Optrace specialize in producing unique, serialized volume photopolymer holographic labels using exclusive licensed and patented technology. These labels are designed to combat counterfeiting and are for use in the pharmaceutical, automobile parts and luxury goods markets with patents granted in both the US and Europe.

Counterfeiting is a highly expensive and problematic issue which has proven to be harmful to both brand owners and their respective customers. The problems created by counterfeiting continue to grow year on year costing industries and markets worldwide annual losses of billions of dollars.

At present, Optrace can create up to 30,000 serialized holographic labels per hour through the use of a modular proprietary system which can deliver production runs ranging from the low thousands through to several millions of units.

Optrace has grown in strength, expanding both its product range and workforce.

Our Mission

At Optrace we want to work alongside clients to combat the worldwide problem of counterfeiting. We want to create a business environment where the brands of our clients are protected, our clients profit, counterfeiters lose and customer confidence is assured.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that of a business environment where all companies can operate secure in the knowledge that their goods are protected through the use of our holographic labels. We want to eradicate the concept of counterfeiting and encourage the development and progress of all organisations who work ethically and legally to serve their particular industries and markets.

Our Customer Brand

Optrace endeavors to provide a service to the customer from first consultation right through to product delivery. We will work with the client to provide a serialized holographic label tailored to their product always taking into consideration political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors.