Company Background

Optrace Ltd is a recently formed company based in Dublin, Ireland which has licensed the holographic technology developed by the Centre for Industrial and Engineering Optics (IEO), Dublin Institute of Technology, on an exclusive worldwide basis. Optrace are utilizing this technology for the production of serialized holographic labels for the anti-counterfeiting market as authentication devices. Clients in the pharmaceutical industry can have each individual product package protected with a unique serialized holographic label. Optrace are capable of producing these in any volume required. Each hologram can be as unique as a human fingerprint. The problem of counterfeit products continues to grow year on year costing markets worldwide in all industries hundreds of billions of euro each year in revenue losses. This also damages brand reputation. Moreover counterfeit medicines carry enhanced risk of incorrect dosage of active ingredient being given to the patient or may contain potentially fatal substances manufactured in an uncontrolled environment. Many technologies are deployed in the fight against counterfeiting and continuing advances in holographic technology will ensure that holograms will continue to play a vital role in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, both as stand alone devices and in combination with other technologies.