Optrace Products

Optrace uses patented technology for the mass production of unique serialised holograms in a process whereby each hologram produced can be different to the last. This can be done by means such as:

  • Serialisation
  • Coding
  • Any image provided digitally can be produced as a hologram

Due to the nature of the process batches can be provided in any quantity from hundreds up to millions.

A smart phone application has being developed for smart phone verification of the hologram.  This is attractive not only for authentication purposes but in addition for marketing and sales. A GPS location function can be added to allow visibility on where a product is being purchased and authenticated and if this is the correct location for the product, adding a layer of protection against parallel importing of genuine product.

Transparent Thumbnail 2 Transparent Holograms

Tamper Proof Thumbnail Tamper Proof Holograms

Reflective Thumbnail Reflective Holograms