The current offering is in the form of a transparent hologram ‘sticker’ placed over a product package or label.  The hologram sticker  can be machine read on the package or read by the end user. This can be done by scanning with a mobile phone, machine reading or just visually reading and matching the image to that printed on the package. Transparency is a very attractive feature when package surface space available for authentication has to compete  with that needed for marketing, regulatory and product information.

The Authenticator peels off, the sticker, holds it up to a natural light source and verifies the unique number on the hologram by the chosen authentication method. For example the  number matches a printed number on packaging or it is machine read and texted off for Cloud Computing verification

Features include:

  • Holographic individualization of data such as text, logos, numbers
  • Peel-off  requires end user interaction
  • Thin, flexible transparent layer allows easy integration into packaging
  • Machine readable

A range of covert features can included in the Optrace product offering, please contact us for further details.